Perfect view and safety

With the EndoGuard, the course is set for success right from the start of the endodontic treatment. The creation of a perfect access cavity is the foundation of any successful endodontic treatment, which is why this phase often takes more time and effort than the subsequent preparation of the root canal.

Used immediately after opening the pulp chamber, the EndoGuard made by Komet helps to carry out this step with optimum efficiency and in perfect safety.

The course is set for Endo success

After the initial opening of the pulp chamber, the view of the cavity is improved and the discovery of the root canal orifices is facilitated by removing any dentin overhangs. The straight line access to the root canal system minimizes the risk of inadvertent canal transportation and fracture of the file.

The EndoGuard is provided with a safe, non-cutting tip to protect the floor of the pulp chamber and to avoid excessive removal of hard dental substance.

Thanks to the tapered shape of the EndoGuard, the preparation of undercuts is avoided as far as possible, thereby ensuring that no infected tissue is left behind in the pulp chamber.

Thanks to its cross-cut toothing, the EndoGuard allows particularly efficient, yet smooth work. Complete control of the instrument is therefore guaranteed at all times.