Consistent and Efficient.

You feel it the first time you use it: F360, Kometʼs ingenious 2-file system makes the preparation of root canals pleasantly easy and simple, yet perfectly safe. F360 is ideally suitable for beginners in mechanical root canal preparation, whatever challenge they may be faced with. Even those who didnʼt like endodontics up to now are going to love F360.

Anything other than complicated.

  • Root canal preparations with the F360 system are fast.

    The files are very effective, you normally need no more than 3 minutes per root canal.

  • The F360 system is extremely practical.

    In most cases, only 2 files are required, and you donʼt even have to adjust the torque when changing the files.

  • The system is suitable for almost any root canal

    F360 is a true all-rounder in endodontics.