Newly Formulated, Bioceramic Root Canal Sealer.

KometBioSeal is a newly formulated bioceramic root canal sealer that sets a state-of-the-art level of performance for endodontic sealers.

Clinical Advantages:

  • Excellent biocompatibility
  • Suitable for warm or cold obturation techniques
  • Show to be antimicrobial in-vitro
  • High flow that fills and seals lateral canals
  • Outstanding radiopacity (6mm AL equivalent)

Efficiency Advantages:

  • Pre-mixed
  • 10% larger tubes (2.2g vs. 2.0g)
  • 40% more efficient, pre-bendable min-waste tips

Performance Advantages:

  • Non-staining – will not discolor teeth – EVER!
  • NaOCI will not cause discoloration
  • High radiopacity
  • Resin-free – for maximum bioactivity
  • Dimensionally Stable – ADA 57 std. <1% shrinkage & <0.1% expansion