Builds the bridge to mechanical preparation

The creation of a glide path is an indispensable step to ensure the successful preparation of the root canal. It facilitates the correct assessment of the anatomy of the root canal and guarantees that all subsequent files work safely and efficiently. Our PathGlider offers enormous advantages compared to the manual preparation of the root canal with hand files.

The course is set for Endo success

Thanks to highly flexible NiTi and the non-cutting instrument tip, the PathGlider is perfectly capable of following the course of the canal, thus reducing the risk of inadvertent canal transportation, undesirable steps etc.

Thanks to its taper of .03, the transition from the PathGlider to the subsequently used file system (e.g. F360 – taper .04) is particularly easy and gentle.

The PathGlider creates the glide path in considerably less time than manual instruments, allowing the user to save precious time.

The PathGlider can be combined with any file system. The unique kite-shaped cross-section ensures the creation of smooth canal walls and excellent control of the file inside the canal.