Agile. Fast-cutting. Intelligent.

With its completely revised file design, Procodile is a totally new species in the kingdom of root canal preparation. The innovative, variably tapered file core makes Procodile noticeably more efficient and flexible and therefore ideally suitable for the perfect shaping of the root canal and a high-quality preparation.

Fast cutting by nature.

  • Optimum preparation even of curved root canals

    thanks to a variably taperd file core

  • Fast and efficient substance removal

    due to an enlarged chip space

  • Increased patent safety

    thanks to greater resistance to cyclic fatigue

  • Suitable for use in all established reciprocating endo motors

    and with the patented ReFlex® movement in the EndoPilot®

Fracture-resistant: For greater patient safety.

Compared to other reciprocating file systems, Procodile is up to 120 % more resistant to cyclic fatigue. This decreases the risk of fatigue fracture and increases the safety of the patient. The single-use instruments are supplied in sterile packaging to reduce the risk of possible cross-contamination.

Resistance to cyclic fatigue
Procodile files compared to leading  competitors, based on in-house tests. Supporting data are available.

Intelligent:  A new movement, adaptable in the EndoPilot
Procodile files are designed for work in all commonly used reciprocating endo motors, for an easy-to-achieve and safe perfor-mance. That’s not all: Procodile files now perform a new, patented motion in the EndoPilot: Suitable for use in both straightforward and more complex canal anatomies, the intelligent ReFlex® movement unites the advantages of rotary and reciprocating motions.